Philly Subway Track Take Over

Philly Subway Track Take Over

Starting in February, advertising space throughout SEPTA'S Walnut-Locust Station will transform into canvases for 30 Philadelphia artists. The work displayed during this first-of-its-kind exhibit will also fill open advertising space across the city’s entire subway system for the remainder of 2019. 

#TrackTakeover, an evolution of 2018’s #TrashcanTakeover, will commence on February 12 with a first-of-its-kind art exhibit when all 110 advertising spaces in Walnut-Locust station are replaced with various mediums of artwork from 30 Philadelphia artists.

Roughly 6,000 people visit Walnut-Locust Station on a daily basis, providing a unique opportunity for each artist to receive a high amount of exposure.

After the station-specific exhibit ends on March 10, the 30 pieces of art will be installed periodically throughout SEPTA’s subway system whenever there’s open advertising space for the remainder of 2019.

#TrackTakeover: A public art exhibit featuring 30 Philadelphia artists. Launches February 12. Funded by @cityfitnessphilly, produced by @rorycreative.