Unauthorized Rocky II Fan Theories

Rocky II is a 1979 American sports drama film written, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone. It is the sequel to the Oscar winning original Rocky. Sly Stallone, Carl Weathers, Tony Burton, Burgess Meredith, Burt Young and Talia Shire reprised their original roles. But capturing lightning in a bottle for a second time was still no guarantee. Their decision marked the establishment of one of cinema’s most profitable trends; franchises.

Improbable Iggles Icons

The Philadelphia Eagles have a long history full of record setters and all stars. Hall of Famers like Nick Foles, Brian Dawkins, and Randal Cunningham come to mind immediately. But today we want to focus on some of the franchise’s forgotten heroes. These figures didn’t win super bowls nevertheless their names and images are forever a part of the Green Machine. So join us as we examine the Improbable Iggles Icons.

Dawn of South Fellini: Trov Vs Zito

We're taking a break from our usual format this week to talk about the history of South Fellini. This is the legendary tale of two Philly youths who loved making silly shirts. We cover everything from drawing on undershirts to iron-on bootlegs, and the very first official South Fellini tee. So join Tony Trov and Johnny Zito for a trip down memory lane as we examine the Dawn of South Fellini.

Errors & Omissions 007

We are doing things a lil differently this week. This is our “skip week” where we take a break from the regular format. One of the most fun things about doing Legends of Philadelphia are all the great comments, emails, and DMs we get on the social medias. Listeners clued us in when we were wrong and shared new stuff that we didn’t know before. So, today we’re going to dig through the last ten episodes and talk about what’s next.

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