It Happened at The World's Fair: Part 2

Last week we talked about Philadelphia’s 1876 World’s Fair which doubled as a centennial celebration for the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There’s no easy way to put it but the 1926 sequel was not well thought of. A victim of bad luck, bad weather, and bad planning; the Sesquicentennial was destined to fail. Today we’re going to take a deep dive into the biggest party in South Philly history.

It Happened at The World's Fair: Part 1

Last week we touched briefly on the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. And that got some people asking if there had ever been a World’s Fair in Philadelphia. The answer is yes; actually there were two international exhibitions hosted in Philadelphia; the Centennial in 1876 and the Sesqui-Centennial in 1926. They were celebrated in Fairmount and South Philly respectively. World leaders, inventors, celebrities, and the common folk mingled there to take a glimpse at the future. And today we’re going to take a look back at them.

Residents of Moyamensing Prison

Luckily it only feels like we’re trapped in South Philly. But it wasn’t that long ago you could be locked up for life in South Philly’s Moyamensing Prison. Located at Passyunk Avenue and Reed Street, where the Acme Supermarket sits today; the prison was built in 1835 and operated until 1963 and wasn’t demolished until 1968. Over the years there were hundreds of executions at Moyamensing prison and thousands of criminals passed through its gates. So today we’re going to talk about the most famous jailbirds at Moyamensing Prison.

Philly's Most Invasive Species

Well, since we’re all trapped indoors it might be a good opportunity to talk about the great outdoors. Philadelphia is not a very woodsy place but the city is home to lots of wild creatures. Unfortunately not all of these animals are welcome, most of them don’t belong here at all. So this week we want to talk about Philly’s MOST invasive species.

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