The Rarest Tastykake

OK, so we’re gonna really get into it today. This is super serious journalism here. We’re going to talk about Tastykakes; the Philadelphia born snack cake company. If you’re not familiar, think of them like a regional Little Debbie’s. So, we’re gonna touch on the origins, explore their lasting appeal, talk about all the varieties, and our goal is to discover the best and the rarest Tastykake flavors.

Jim Jones and The Divine Lorraine Hotel

So for our first episode we’re going to cover the Divine Lorraine Hotel, that giant old building way up on North Broad Street, with the neon sign on the roof. More specifically we’re going to talk about the building’s most famous owner; Father Divine, where he came from, what he did, and his relationship with the notorious suicide cult leader Jim Jones.

Legends of Philadelphia

South Fellini loves talking and Philly. So we're launching a Philly History podcast. If you like inside jokes, obnoxious laughter, and wikipedia; check back here every Monday for new episodes.

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