Tofani Doors of Perception

We had so much fun talking about old signs last week that we decided to do a deep dive on doors this week. Across the city you might notice these mid century relics mounted to the front of older Philly row homes. These locally produced entrances chronicle the evolution of taste and technology in our homes. Come and knock on our door, we’ve got a story for you.

I Saw The Sign

The city is full of great signage. In fact, some famous Philly locations are better known for their big neon lights instead of what they actually sell. These antique lettered marquees and neon signs that adorn several of the city’s historic buildings are remnants of a bygone era. So today we’re going to take a look at 5 signs that light the way to happier days.

Whatever It Takes, Dude

Baseball season is starting up this week and we’re in a mood to reminisce about a part of the city's sports mythology; the 1993 Phillies. The beer swilling, belly scratching, beard growing misfits of the major league seemed to defy all the odds on their way to becoming national league champions. So join us as we look back at that improbable pennant.

Catholic Guilt Goes Great With Coffee

We kinda touched on the subject in our 50th anniversary episode but philly proudly boasts a long history of springtime pastries. There are a ton of great bakeries around town, some dating back to the late 1800’s, that keep these traditions alive. There’s Fasnachts on Fat Tuesday, Irish Potatoes on St Patty’s Day, Zeppoles on St Joe’s day, Easter Bread and Philadelphia Cheesecake. So today we want to talk about the strange legacy of catholic influenced, spring time sweet treats.

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