Philly's Most Invasive Species

Well, since we’re all trapped indoors it might be a good opportunity to talk about the great outdoors. Philadelphia is not a very woodsy place but the city is home to lots of wild creatures. Unfortunately not all of these animals are welcome, most of them don’t belong here at all. So this week we want to talk about Philly’s MOST invasive species.

The Philly Phever

With the interest of being topical we thought this might be a good chance to review the history of Philly Outbreaks. COVID-19 isn’t this city’s first brush with pandemic, there were even a few deadly diseases that originated in Philly. So today we want talk about the Yellow Fever Outbreak, the Spanish Flu Pandemic, and the Origins of Legionnaires Disease. Maybe by taking a look at how the city survived it’s previous germ wars, we can learn a little something about surviving this one.

Raiders of The Lost Mannequin

Well this week, we’re going to tackle one of the greatest movies ever made in Philadelphia. It’s about a talented underdog who just can’t get ahead in life, everyone thinks he’s a bum. Then he meets the girl of his dreams and she inspires him to go the distance. That’s right, if you can’t tell already, I’m talking about the 1987 classic; Mannequin, starring Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy. Prepare yourself for a deep dive into an 80’s rom-com about a mannequin that comes to life when no one is looking.

Secret Rooms Of Veterans Stadium

OK, our plan today is to talk about veteran’s stadium; home to the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles from 1971 to 2003. The giant arena, which looked like a concrete donut, was notorious for its unwelcoming atmosphere and terrible astroturf field. The facility was labyrinthian, the seats were almost never filled to capacity and it was a filthy, filthy place. Today we’re going to explore the history of this old, ugly ballpark and uncover the secrets of four very specific rooms in Veteran’s Stadium.

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