South Street: 1700 - 1950

South Street: 1700 - 1950

Well today we’re going to do the history of South Street, the bohemian, punk, alternative stretch of bars and shops that divides South Philly from the rest of civilization in Center City. But that wasn’t always the case, originally known as Cedar Street, it was the southernmost point of Philadelphia. It was the final frontier before settlers would find themselves treading through increasingly swampy wilderness. So today, in the first of a potential two parter, we’re going to take a look at the origins of South Street.

And here's a link to that New York documentary by Ken Burns' brother that we referenced and I'm always trying to get people to watch but no one ever does.


We said we'd post the script for the show's opener if anyone else wants to try their hand at recording the intro. Give it a shot, we'll add the music. "Hey welcome to our old podcast, Legends of Philadelphia.

We’re your hosts, I’m Johnny Zito. This is my business partner and best friend Tony Trov. and joining us on engineering duties is Bryan Bierman. 

You might be asking, “what makes these guys experts?” Well, in addition to being Philadelphia natives; Tony Trov and I have a lil tee shirt business, South Fellini, that focuses on Philly culture and in-jokes. Lots of times customers will ask us, ya know, what’s the deal with Toynbee Tiles or they wanna know what the word “jawn” means.  So, we decided to start this podcast as an easy explainer for new Philadelphians and a refresher for the old heads. 

The city fascinates and excites us, so we’re hoping to share that with you."