Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, two friends from South Philly, first started collaborating while attending Temple University where they made tee shirts to fund for their short films and rock operas.

They began their careers by creating original graphic novels for DC Entertainment and Image Comics. They went on to self finance two independent horror movies distributed through Gravitas Ventures. And in 2016 Trov and Zito opened South Fellini; their brick and mortar store on East Passyunk Avenue.  

South Fellini specialize in remixing Philadelphia's iconography into fun parodies and colorful mashups. Trov and Zito produce tiny enamel pins, tee shirts in all sizes, 30 foot billboards, and hand painted murals. The dynamic duo are natural team players and have worked with Kid Hazo, Group X, Mural Arts, Wawa Inc, and The Preston & Steve Show.

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