Trov and Johnny Zito, two friends from South Philly, first started collaborating on short films and rock operas while attending Temple University. In 2008, the duo won a DC Comics talent search for their horror comic books Black Cherry Bombshells and LaMorte Sisters. Both series were nominated for Harvey Awards. From there, the two created two more series for Comixology, Moon Girl and DOGS of Mars. With the success of the digital series, Moon Girl was published as a mini series for Red5 Comics and DOGS of Mars was published as a graphic novel through Image Comics. 

In 2009, the duo began creating tee shirt designs for their favorite South Street shop, Cheesesteak Tees. While working as tee shirt designers, they wrote, produced and directed their first feature film, Alpha Girls: A Satanic Sorority Slasher. The film gained attention when Trov and Zito set out on a 20 city tour of the film which landed them distribution through Gravitas Ventures. This led to their second feature film staring Bill Moseley and Falon Joslyn, called American Exorcist. Released on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD, it is Trov and Zito's tribute to the Italian Horror genre.

In 2016, Trov and Zito opened their first brick and mortar store on East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia where they create and sell apparel for the Philadelphia lifestyle. 

Trov and Zito won the 2011 Philadelphia Geek Award for “Best Comic Book Creators” in honor of their graphic novel; DOGS of Mars. In 2016 they won the Philadelphia Geek Award for "Makers of The Year".  Philadelphia Magazine named South Fellini Tees the city's best in 2018. 

South Fellini products can be found at: 
Whole Foods Markets
Philadelphia Independents
Little Apple
Open House
Phoenixville Smoke Shop
Philadelphia Distillery
Cheesesteak Tees
Brave New World Comics

Email info@southfellini.com for bulk ordering