Dancin' On Air Like Nobody's Watching

Philadelphia is known as the original home of American Bandstand. But Dick Clark packed his bags and skipped town as fast as he could. For years, dancing was dead in the city of brotherly love. That is until the debut of the area's longest running reality tv show in Philly history. Join us as we strut our stuff with Madonna, Fresh Prince, The New Kids, and all the beautiful people at Dancin’ On Air.

Tiny Bubbles In The Wishniak: Frank's Soda

Long before the cola wars fought for domination over the taste buds of American youth, local brands dominated the refrigerators of families in the Delaware Valley. Coke and Pepsi took a back seat to a hometown favorite. But you would only know that if you lived within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia City Hall. Join us as we crack open a can of Frank’s Soda.

The Chip

Back in the 90s, it seemed like every block had at least one person with an illegal cable connection that granted them access to Pay Per View events, premium content and adult movies. These devices were known as “hot boxes” most everywhere else in the United States. But in Philadelphia, we called it “the chip” and it was the worst kept secret in the city. Join us as we go channel surfing on Philly’s illegal airwaves.

The World's Most Famous Groundhog

In the sleepy town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania an annual meteorological event gathers thousands from around the world. In the wooded hills of this forest town lives Phil the Groundhog, a magical creature with the ability to affect the changing of the seasons. Should Phil NOT see his shadow, winter will end early; crops will flourish and the people will prosper. However, if the fuzzy little beast does see his shadow, then the world is plunged into six extra weeks of cold, desolate winter. Today we examine the importance of groundhogs day.

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