The Jersey Devil

This week, with people starting to head to the jersey shore for summer vacation, we thought it might be interesting to take a look at the Jersey Devil (also known as the Leeds Devil). For almost 250 years Jerseyans have told tales of this mythical beast that stalks the Pine Barrens and terrorizes local residents. There has been an evolving folklore that surrounds the Jersey Devil and even if the monster isn’t real it’s inspired some real life hysteria. So today we’re going to take a closer look at the Jersey Devil and its Philadelphia Origins.

Extreme Championship Wrestling

ECW was a Philadelphia born wrestling league unlike any other that came before it. Extreme Championship Wrestling was rough and tough, they were local guys who invented the gory, modern wrestling that WWE utilize now. Listen in as we talk about Sandman, Terry Funk, Blue Meanie, and more; legends of South Philly's most famous squared circle on Ritner and Swanson. This very special episode of Legends of Philadelphia is hosted by our engineer Bryan Bierman (he's an expert on wrestling). Settle in for a sweaty, violent, history of Philly's most profound professional wresting league.

Hoagie Mouth

After weeks of listening to our hoagie mouth accents we thought it might be fun to talk about why we sound “dis way”. The Philly Accent (also known as Philadelphia English) is very unique, diverging from similar east coast cities in our vowel and consonant pronunciation. We’ve also got our own special words and portmanteaus that can be hard to decipher. So, today we’re going to have a little vocabulary lesson and learn how to speak with a hoagie mouth.

Errors And Omissions

So, we thought we’d do something a little different this week. The podcast has been going for ten episodes now. Which is pretty consistent for a new side project. At the risk of patting ourselves on the back too hard; we thought today we could take a look back at our own history. One of the great things about doing this podcast is that it’s been a great conversation starter with our friends on the social medias. People let us know when we got things wrong and shared great new information we didn’t know at the time of recording. Today we’re going to go through some of the questions, comments, and suggestions we’ve received in the last ten weeks.

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