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Wild Jawns Sticker Sheet

Wild Jawns Sticker Sheet

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Chooch, Gavone, Ungotz, and Skeevy are Wild Jawns; magical garbage monsters who live at the southern most point of South Philly.  These best buds are the physical manifestation of the Philadelphia lifestyle. They're messy, loud, and opinionated but their hospitality and charm are legendary. 

Chooch (orange) is a chill dude who likes sleeping till noon and survives on pure diet Herr's snack chips. His little pal is Skeevy, an entitled possum who doesn't know how to play dead. Together; they roam League Island in South Philly, playing pickup games of bocce ball.

Gavone (green) is a smooth operator who always knows the score. He enjoys the finer things in life, even if he can't afford it. Gavone works to live and not the other way around. You can find him sunbathing outside any coffee shop in South Philly.

Ungotz (purple) is a party animal who likes to meet new people. He has an open invite to every cookout and block party in the city. If you can keep up with him, Ungotz will show you where to find all the fun. 

The Wild Jawns pop up where you least expect them. If you linger at any bus stop for too long, you are likely to encounter one.  If you do meet, make sure you have plenty of Tastykakes to win their affections. Once they like you, then you'll be a Wild Jawn for life.

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